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Wish List
Wish List

We are in need of the following items:

New or Used Dog Toys for wolves and coyotes

Any Kong Toys

Medium Milk Bones

New or Used Cat Toys for the lynx

Old Water Cooler 5 Gallon Jugs for the tiger

New or Used Box Fan

Wide plastic shovels (new or used)

Plastic rakes (new or used)

Old hand towels

Large Heavy Plastic Tarps

Fleece or Cotton BABY blankets (cannot have loops, strings, or tied on items that can get stuck on baby animal claws)

Beyond Wild canned dog food (for coyote pup)

String Cheese (all the animals love this)(no light or diet)

Distilled white vinegar & Alka Seltzer (used to clean the stainless steel buckets and water tubs - works great!)

Pine shavings (large bag - must be pine only)

Cracked (not whole) Corn (40 lb bags)

Duck Pellets (any size bag)

Willow Tree or Pine Branches (for the porcupine)


Monetary Donations can be mailed to:
14857 Farrell Rd.
Lockport, IL 60441

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