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Big Run Wolf Ranch is a non-profit, federally licensed, educational facility which specializes in the education and conservation of North American wildlife.


Big Run Wolf Ranch ENDANGERED!!!

After just celebrating our 30 year anniversary, Big Run Wolf Ranch was notified by Prologis, a leading global developer of industrial real estate, that they have submitted a proposal for a mutiple-building industrial business park. This development will be built from the southwest corner of 143rd Street & I-355, extending to 151st & Archer. It will be sitting directly on BRWR's property line, adjacent to our animals and in the middle of 5 family neighborhoods! This will severely impact the health of all of our rescued/endangered animals and the future of Big Run Wolf Ranch.

For more information, please go to

www.dontdestroylockport.com and


Feel free to contact us to request an interview or for further questions.

A city council meeting is scheduled to take place on February 15, 2017 at 7:00pm at Lockport City Hall 222 E. 9th St. 3rd Floor. We appreciate any support.

"Shere Khan"


We are in need of items for the animals.

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Family Days 2017

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cash or credit )

10:00am - 4:00pm

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Family Days

listed below:

April 15 (SOAR: Save Our American Raptors)

May 13 (Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary)

May 27 Wolf Pups!

June 17 (Jim Nesci's Cold-Blooded Creatures)

July 15 (Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary)

Aug 19 (Jim Nesci's Cold-Blooded Creatures)

Sept 23 (Incredible Bats)

Oct 21 (Jim Nesci's Cold-Blooded Creatures)

November 25

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