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Family Days/Open Houses at Big Run Wolf Ranch

Family Day / Open House

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Raffles to Bottle Feed Wolf Pups!

(Mother Nature and pup permitting)

10:00 am — 4:00 pm Admission $6.00

(Kids 2 & Under Free)(cash or debit/credit)(pay at door/no tickets needed)

Special Event: Wolf Puppy Play Circle


Food, Drinks, Gift Shop, Music, and Fun!

Wolves, Cougar, Bear, Coyotes, Woodchuck,

Raccoons, Skunk, Porcupines, and More!

Yearly Season Passes and Adoptions Available

*Parking will be at Wal-Mart 16241 Farrell Rd (SW Corner of Lot) with free non-stop school bus service (strollers allowed) to the ranch*

Handicapped Parking available at the ranch.

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Big Run Wolf Ranch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, federally licensed,wildlife education facility featuring rescued North American wildlife. Come see “Kuma” the bear, our nine wolves, tiger "Shere Khan", cougar “Charlie”, coyote “Pecos”, groundhog, skunks, raccoon, horse, and many other wild and domestic animals. Come enjoy up close and personal wildlife lectures going on continuously throughout the day along with guided and unguided tours of our facility.
Yearly Season Passes and Animal Adoptions available.

Family Day Menu: Hot Dogs $2.00, Hamburgers $2.50,Cheeseburgers $3.00,Gurge Burger $2.50, Chips $0.50, Water $1.00, Pop $1.00, Hot Chocolate (Seasonal) $1.00Eat like a wolf pup...try our Gurge Burger (aka Sloppy Joe) :)

Tentative Schedule of Events:

11:00 Wolf Presentation

11:30 Wolf Pup Bottle Feeding

11:45 Wolf Puppy Play circle

12:30 Big Cats Presentation

1:15 Bear Presentation

2:00 Wolf Presentation

2:30 Wolf Pup Bottle Feeding

2:45 Wolf Puppy Play Circle

Smaller animals will be out throughout the day weather permitting.



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